Professionalism – We take pride in what we do and strive for excellence.

Integrity – We strive to earn and uphold the trust and confidence that our customers have placed in us.

Teamwork – We listen and work together to achieve our mission of providing an optimum match to your needs and requirements.

Fulfilling a promise. The Optimaid way.

At Optimaid, we want to provide not only great helpers, but we are seeking great employers too.


Through our advocacy efforts, we are committed to raise awareness for a safe and friendly work environment with mutual respect between both parties. And with a good understanding and assessment of your needs, you can be assured of the best match where our helper’s capabilities will be effectively aligned with the expected duties and responsibilities. Furthermore, Optimaid is accredited with embassies to give you the assurance and confidence on your journey with us.

Additionally, a comprehensive 4-day training programme will enable our helpers to quickly adapt to the local culture and be more ‘hands-on’ in their skillsets. This is vital as we seek to overcome the difficulties both parties may encounter especially in the early stages of settling-in and to forge an authentic and fulfilling relationship between employers and helpers.

Our value-added training programme encompasses the following areas:


Specialised cooking lessons for a number of dishes (Chinese/Japanese/Western cuisine)

Laundry & Ironing

The Do’s and Don’ts. Such as the proper way to iron without damaging fabric


Communication of good cleaning and hygiene practices, e.g. the same cleaning tools should not be used in kitchen and washrooms

Pet Care

Animals are family too. Our helpers are specially trained to handle and take care of household pets like dogs and cats. See how much fun Anthony, our class dog is having while having a wash and blow session!

Personal Empowerment

  • Take initiative, observe and step up
  • Learn about self-care including a personal hygiene regimen
  • Make an efficient weekly timetable by planning work in advance