Name: Siti Maesaroh
Reference Code: OPT 2049
Nationality: Indonesian
Age: 37
Specialisations: Elderly care / Housekeeping & Cooking
Years of Experience: 5 years
Spoken Language(s): Bahasa, Mandarin
Type: Ex-Taiwan, Ex-Hong Kong
Base Salary: $620
Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY): 17/05/1982
Height (cm): 152 cm
Weight (kg): 45 kg
Religion: Muslim
Marital Status: Divorced
Children (Yes/No): Yes
No. of Children: 2 (10, 15 YO)
Education Level: Junior Secondary School (SMP) Graduate
Other Information: Siti speaks fluent Mandarin. She has worked in Taiwan (TaoYuan district) for 3 years, taking care of 80YO Ah Ma. Ah Ma was disabled, using wheelchair; required assistance with showering, feeding and medicine.

When she completed contract in Taiwan, Siti moved to work in Hong Kong for another 1Y7M years – she spoke Mandarin while working for Ah Ma and Ah Kong. Her main duties were to do groceries, cooking, general house work and take care of 1 cat. She decided not to complete contract as it was difficult for Elderly couple to pay her salary.

Siti is not scared of dogs. She is asking for 2 off-days. She prefers to take care of elderlies. Siti cooks simple Chinese food like steamed egg, steamed fish, fried veg, soups (old cucumber / pork / radish), minced pork rice, etc.