A set of criteria has been established by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). The main pointers are as follows:

  • A person hiring FDW should be at least 21 years old;
  • A person/family needs minimum income bracket per annum ($30,000);
  • First-time employers have to pass the Employer Orientation Programme.

 To check your eligibility, please click here.

Designed for first-time employers and employers who have changed FDWs frequently, it is a 3-hour programme that introduces the role and responsibilities required of an employer.

The EOP is available online and in classrooms and must be completed by first-time employers at least 2 working days prior to submitting a Work Permit application.

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Below is a cost breakdown:
1) Monthly salary ($450 to $750);
2) Monthly levy to be paid to CPF ($60 to $265);
3) Provide food & housing;
4) Regular medical examinations as per requirements by MOM or when necessary;
5) Travel expenses upon completion of contract.

The above costs are on top of expenses incurred during the hiring process such as an insurance policy for 26 months and performance bond for Indonesian FDWs.

To learn more, please refer to our Price List.


It is mandatory to provide 1 off day per week. However, if there is a need to engage the FDW on her off-day, it has to be compensated upon a mutual agreement. In addition to weekly off days, a FDW is also entitled to 2 weeks of annual leave back to her hometown upon completion of a 2-year contract.

There are no written rules about it. Each Employer may decide for themselves. In most households, a FDW is requested to be home by 9pm.

1) Exercise patience;
2) Consider language barrier by speaking slower and using simple vocabulary and formulating shorter sentences;
3) Work out a detailed timetable of duties as a guideline;
4) Clarify phone usage rules;
5) Inform FDW of house rules.
6) Encourage FDW to ask questions to avoid misunderstandings;

Yes, we provide lodging services when you need to travel and prefer not to leave your FDW alone at home.

We would advise all potential employers to refer to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) website for detailed information. Please click here.

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