As a group of women (some of whom are mothers), we understand the challenges to find a suitable helper across varying family needs.

A less than ideal experience arising from a placement mismatch can be particularly stressful for both employers and helpers. These have also cast foreign domestic helpers in a negative light and we endeavour to do our part in alleviating this social issue by achieving a win-win situation for all parties.

Operating under a stringent and streamlined process, our helpers are meticulously selected from neighbouring countries such as Indonesia, Myanmar and The Philippines. Having been there ourselves, we truly understand the importance of listening intently to your needs and requirements.

Gathering these essential information is vital in asking the right questions to determine what makes a good fit and knowing what to look out for to avoid the usual pitfalls. Taking these findings into consideration, skillset assessment can then be conducted in the most effective manner possible. Adopting these good practices will benefit all parties as we work hand-in-hand to narrow down the search for your ideal helper.

At the same time, we also recognise that leaving loved ones behind to carve out a better living overseas is never easy. Therefore, we seek to empower fellow women (yes, our helpers) with a positive set of values where they can embody self-care, social and working skills in a wholesome environment.

By integrating this “human” touch in our approach, we equip our helpers with a supportive and nurturing environment while ensuring their capabilities match your needs.